How to register?

You may register online by completing our online registration form. Click on Register Now or please visit our customer service centre, Airport road Umm Ramool, Dubai. Click on Contact Us for our location map.

Following are the steps to register online:

1. Click on register.

2. Enter your name, email, phone number and create a strong password.

3. Click on signup.

4. A verification email will be sent to you at the registered email address. Click on the link to verify your account.

5. Login with the username and password.


Physical registration:

The customer will need to fill out the “registration form” and provide a copy of their Emirates ID, driving license and passport at the reception.

Click on Contact Us for our location map.



Our customer service team will verify the documents and activate your account. Once activated, you will receive a confirmation email on your registered Email ID along with your user name and password.


Once you are logged in, you can:

1. View all auctions.

2. Bid in our live and online auctions.

3. Access to search and bid (based on the availability of the auction & deposit amount).

4. Top up your deposit to increase your buying limit.

5. Access various useful reports from buyer and seller perspective.


How to buy at an auction?

1. Register and create your account:

Follow the registration process to get your username and password to login into your account.

2. Pay your Deposit:

A minimum 1,000 AED cash deposit is required on each purchase which is refundable in case no purchase has been made. Cash, Credit Cards, Cheque or bank transfers are accepted. To transfer your deposit online please visit the “My profile” section, under my profile click on payments and select your preferred option to pay the deposit.

3. Log in online or attend our live hall auction:

Find out what 'live hall' auctions are coming up at your chosen Pioneer Auctions centre. Then you can browse the sales catalogues to see which vehicles or items catch your eye. You can then bid on your selected items online or visit our live auction hall for hall bidding.

4. After winning the bid:

Full payment is required within 48 hours of purchase. Cash, Credit Cards, Cheque or bank transfers are accepted. The buyer undertakes the responsibility of removing his vehicle from Pioneer Auction premises within 48 hours post the purchase and after the full payment has been made.


How to sell through an auction?

1. Register and create your account

Follow the registration process to get your username and password to login into your account.

2. Free valuation

We can provide you with an indicative valuation online for vehicles. However, a physical inspection of the vehicle is required to complete the valuation process.

For general items, a visit will be made by our operations team to check and evaluate the material

3. Terms & Conditions 

Once we have agreed on the reserve price based on your market valuation, you will need to sign our terms & conditions and appoint us to sell your car and other general items.

4. Live/ online auction

Post confirmation of terms and conditions, items will be uploaded on our website for interested buyers to bid. The bidding process will continue as per the terms of the live or online auction.

5. Sale of item

Once the bidding process is complete you will be notified of the highest bid received for your item. Post your approval on the sales price our team will contact the buyer to collect the payment and arrange for the payment to be transferred to you after deduction of our fees and charges.