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  • Lot # 3
  • Sale Location: Pioneer Auctions - Airport Road - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
  • End Date: 9th Dec 2021 05:00

Current Bid: AED 2,500

Min Increment: AED 200

  • Time Remaining for Bidding: 9th Dec 2021 05:00

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  • Option 1
  • The below Terms & Conditions shall apply to this lot in addition to the General Terms & Conditions of Pioneer Auctions.
    1. This lot will be sold to the highest bidder in the auction.
    2. An Administration Fee of AED 500 is applicable for this lot.
    3. This lot will be awarded to the Highest Bidder, only upon receiving the approval from the seller for the High Bid Amount, which will be notified via mail or message. If not approved, the lot will be either removed from the auction or rerun in the future auction.
    4. The Highest Bidder should complete the full payment for this lot within 48 hours (2 working days) from the date of approval.
    5. In case of non-payment of the full payment within the specified duration, a late fee of AED 100 per day will be applicable for the next 7 days, after which the lot will be automatically removed from the highest bidder’s account and the Security Deposit will be forfeited.
    6. After completion of full payment, the plate possession certificate will be transferred to the buyer’s name by the seller within 4 working days.
    7. Pioneer Auctions will not be liable for any claims made with regard to this lot after the completion of the certificate transfer process.
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  • 800 746 6337
  • 200 local minutes, 4 GB, local data, 100 hours, local WiFi, Smiles subscription (buy one, get one free) . Package will expire on 04-04-2022